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House and Garden House And Garden Shooting Powder 20 Satchet
By House & Garden
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mpn: VE-[906168]-20, ean: 0763598241339,

4.8 out of 5 stars with 44 reviews
The secret of every successful grower is shooting powder. This sparkling bud expander is the absolute best in the field of flowering simulators. It gives visible results, can be combined with all base nutrients, is packed in handy sachet, simple to use, and has been extensively tested in house and gardens research and development center. It has moreover earned our customers complete satisfaction. Try it once and you will come back for more. This flowering booster starts a new flowering cycle

BONIDE PRODUCTS 775 Ready-to-Use Copper Fungicide, 32-Ounce [2-Pack]
By Bonide
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mpn: 4316247601, ean: 0024144492040,

4.1 out of 5 stars with 104 reviews
2-Pack, 32 oz each., Ready to Use, Copper Fungicide. Copper Sulfate 7.0% for controlling early, and late blight, leaf spots, downy mildew, anthracnose, and certain other fungal diseases on various vegetables, flowers, ornamentals, and fruits. Formula will not burn plants. Contains Copper Octanoate, which is a Copper salt combined with a naturally occurring fatty acid. Comes in an easy-to-use bottle.2-Pack of 32 oz (64 oz on total), Ready to Use, Copper Fungicide.

Dolomite Lime - Pure Dolomitic/Calcitic Garden Lime (5 Pounds)
By PowerGrow Systems
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4.4 out of 5 stars with 50 reviews
Dolomite Lime enriches soil with calcium and magnesium while helping to regulate and raise pH levels. It also helps prevent and cure blossom end rot in tomatoes and peppers. Simply mix at a rate of 1-2 tablespoons (max rate) per gallon of soil and mix into the top 2-3 inches of soil. This is PURE dolomite garden lime with Calcium and Magnesium.Dolomite Lime stabilizes and raises the pH level of your soil!. Dolomite Lime prevents and cures Blossom End Rot in tomatoes and Peppers!. Dolomitic /

Waldor Orchids Multi Purpose Orchid Potting Soil Mix (7x7x6 Box) for Phalaenopsis Cattleya Dendrobium Oncidium
By Orchid Nerd
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mpn: Waldor Orchids, ean: 0764804456141,

4.2 out of 5 stars with 99 reviews
We have been growing award winning orchid plants ( American Orchid Society ) successfully for over 50 years in our own Waldor Orchids family orchid mixes. These mixes were first formulated by late George A. Off and has grown some of the finest quality orchids. Waldor Orchids uses only the finest products available, the mix consist of two grades of fir bark, charcoal, sponge rock, and rinsed coconut. We recommend potting your Phalaenopsis, Cattleya, Dendrobium, Oncidium, and all epiphytic type

Triumph Plant Coco Coir Bricks - A Natural Additive to Potting Soil for Potted Plants & Gardens- Coconut Coir is a Sustainable Alternative to Peat Moss - Average Brick Size is 10 oz - 10 Bricks
By Triumph Plant
In Stock

mpn: 4316247523, ean: 0639476283053,

4.4 out of 5 stars with 54 reviews
ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY 100% NATURAL SUSTAINABLE ALTERNATIVE TO PEAT MOSSConvenient Small Bricks Great for Potted Plants or Container GardensCoir (also called Pith) is a 100-percent natural product from coconut husks. Coir is made of the coarse fibers extracted from the husk on the outer shell of a coconut. Because of its superior water holding capacity, excellent air space and drainage, coir is a useful soil amendment for potted plants, containers and gardens. Coir is a sustainable

Grodan Mini Cubes
By Grodan
SKU: #RW91002
In Stock

sku: RW91002, mpn: Grodan, ean: 8711698806691,

4.7 out of 5 stars with 115 reviews
This loose fill, non-bagged product consists of small stonewool croutons about the size of a finger nail. When you use this potting mix the miniature cubes stack on top of each other and air pockets are created throughout the pot. Growcubes are difficult to over-water if the container has good drainage. The Growcubes are a lightweight alternative to your regular potting mix. You can use Growcubes in any size pot and in many different growing systems, such as ebb & flow, top watering, or just

Bonsai Jack Succulent and Cactus Soil Gritty Mix #111-2 Quarts – Fast Draining – Zero Root Rot – Optimized pH
By Bonsai Jack
In Stock

mpn: 799600830710, ean: 0799600830710,

4.4 out of 5 stars with 22 reviews
Another premium product offered by Bonsai Jack. This is a great acidic soil mix for succulents and other acid loving plants. Soil Mix: Bonsai Succulent and Cactus Soil Gritty Mix #111 Ingredients: 33% 1/4 Pine Bark Fines, 33% 1/4 Bonsai Block(calcined clay) and 33% Monto Clay(1/4 inch Turface). Bag Size: 2 Quarts Bulk Density: .350 ounces per cubic inch Bag Volume: Net 115 cu in pH: 5.5 Re-water Days: Succulents 5-30 days. Bonsai Trees 1-5 days Average Particle Size: ¼ Inch Minimum Size:

Root Naturally Soil Moist - 3 Pounds
By Root Naturally
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mpn: RN-SM-3, ean: 0019962124532,

4.5 out of 5 stars with 61 reviews
Soil Moist polymers are a very effective way to add water retention to your soil. It can reduce the amount of times you have to water by up to 50%. This is because the Soil Moist polymers will absorb up to 200 times their weight in water and then will slowly release the moisture into the soil. Simply mix into the soil and water, the polymers will swell up with water and then slowly release it so you will not have to water as frequently. Once Soil Moist is applied it will continue working for

Soil Moist Soil Amendment Pail, 30-Pound
By Soil Moist
In Stock

mpn: JCD-30BKSM, ean: 0030541003017,

4.6 out of 5 stars with 43 reviews
Soil Moist polymer products is a soil amendment that reduces plant waterings by 50%. The product is cost effective and environmentally friendly. It is effective in the soil for 3-5 years and is ideal for all plantings indoors and outdoors. Use with containers, baskets, trees and shrubs, turf and flower beds.Reduces Plant Waterings By 50%. Reduces Transplant Shock. Environmentally Friendly and Cost Effective.

Viagrow VCCB5-222 11 lb Coconut Coir Block Soilless Grow Media (222 in 11 lb Brick Pallet)
By Viagrow
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mpn: VCCB5-222, ean: 0091037721365,

4.1 out of 5 stars with 142 reviews
Coconut coir bricks are composed of three different types of compressed coconut coir. This high quality, low sodium growing medium is an environmentally friendly alternative to sphagnum peat Moss. When hydrated with water, CocoTek bricks & blocks rapidly expand which saves you time & effort. They can be exclusively used by themselves, blended together or mixed with expanded clay pellets, perlite or topsoil. The brick will break down on its own in three years. Better still, you can run it

8 Quarts xGarden Horticultural Grade Premium Vermiculite - Extra Chunky
By xGarden
In Stock

mpn: GM012, ean: 0740120793214,

4.8 out of 5 stars with 92 reviews
8 Quarts of Horticultural Grade Premium Vermiculite by xGarden (Extra Chunky). Gardeners use vermiculite to aerate their soil and to improve plant root health. Loose and lightened aerated soil improves drainage and prevents soil compaction, which can damage roots. Expanded Vermiculite is derived from different minerals and contains silica, aluminum oxide, iron oxide, and magnesium oxide. Vermiculite ore is heated at high temperatures and once heated, the ore expands to up to 20 times its

Advanced Nutrients Sensi Coco Grow 10 Liter A and B
By Advanced Nutrients
In Stock
4.8 out of 5 stars with 132 reviews
Coco coir would be an ideal growing medium - particularly for environmentally conscious growers - if not for the risk of nutrient deficiencies. For years, coco growers have known that their plants require additional calcium and magnesium to thrive. But even when you use supposedly coco-formulated nutrients or cal-mag supplements, mysterious deficiencies can - and often do - arise. Now the research team at Advanced Nutrients has located the missing piece of the puzzle - the hidden flaw of most

Envelor Home and Garden 10 Lbs. Natural Coco Coir Husk Chips Coconut Coir Fiber Mulch Hydroponics Growing Medium Orchids Potting Soil Mix Indoor Outdoor Raised Vegetable Garden Beds Greenhouses
By Envelor Home and Garden
In Stock
You Save: 5%

mpn: B01JGTDLVA, ean: 0720825755946,

4.6 out of 5 stars with 26 reviews
Organic & 100% Natural. Made from highly sustainable coconut shells, this coco mulch is an excellent alternative to peat moss or bark-based mulches. Plus, its fibrous texture easily absorbs water and slowly releases it to your plants, meaning you won’t have to water your plants as frequently! Indoor & Outdoor Use. This versatile coco coir chips growing medium is capable of filling a variety of needs. Coconut coir fibers from the coconut shells make this mulch gentle enough to use with orchids

2 Quarts 1/4 inch Horticulture Charcoal
By Bonsai Jack
In Stock

mpn: 799600830185,

4.1 out of 5 stars with 107 reviews
Another clean premium aggregate offered by BonsaiJack. Material : 1/4 inch Horticulture Charcoal Color: Black Bag Size: 2 Quarts Bag Volume: Net 115 cu in Average Size: 1/4 Inch Minimum Size: 1/8th Maximum Size: 3/8ths Application: Soil additive SKU: 799600830185 Horticulture charcoal is a trusted ingredient for many bonsai growers. Charcoal has an amazing ability to absorb moisture / nutrients and release them slowly over time. It has a pH of 7.7 and can be used to reduce soil acidity. Its a

Bonsai Jack Universal Organic Bonsai Soil Mix #221 2 Quart
By Bonsai Jack
In Stock
You Save: 31%

mpn: 799600830376,

4.3 out of 5 stars with 134 reviews
Two quart bag of bonsai soil. BonsaiJack 221 Organic Soil Mix Ingredients: 40% Pumice, 40% BonsaiBlock(calcined clay), 20% Pine Bark Fines(organic ingredient). All 1/4 Inch. pH: 6.4 Absorption Rate: .077 ounces per cubic inch Evaporation Rate: 53.24% over 24 hours. 81.8% over 48 hours. Re-water Days: 1-2 Bulk Density: .273 ounces per cubic inch Particle Size: ¼ Inch Minimum Size: 1/8th Maximum Size: 3/8ths Application: Universal mix for trees that are repotted once every 1-4 years. Did you

2LBS Copper Sulfate 99% Pure Powder
By SeedRanch
In Stock
You Save: 44%

ean: 0646809794797,

4.3 out of 5 stars with 113 reviews
Copper Sulfate Crystals (Pentahydrate) - 2 Lbs. **Made in the USA from the Highest Grade Material. A versatile farm chemical: Pest control - snails and slugs Pond cleaner - algae, mosquito larvae Natural fungicide mildew Antiseptic - household germs Organic Bordeaux mix - blight, apple scab, leaf curl, etc.); Remove old tree stumps (bore a hole and insert Kill roots clogging septic tank pipes - flush down the toilet. Wood and canvas preservative (prevents dry rot), ...or simply grow lovely blue

Grodan Hugo 6 x 6 Rockwool Blocks Case of 48
By Grodan
In Stock

ean: 6853848716121,

4.7 out of 5 stars with 23 reviews
Grodan Stonewool (rockwool) is made from molten rock spun into cotton candy-like fibers and then compressed into cubes, blocks, or slabs. Where other rockwool brand manufacturers cut all sizes from one batch of wool, Grodan is unique by making different types of fibers. The purpose is to support the requirement of the plant in the different plant stages. Grodan has a tremendous capacity for absorbing nutrient solution while retaining plenty of oxygen for rapid plant growth. Grodan comes in

Nature's Care Incredible Expanding Potting Soil 0.33 CF
By Nature's Care
In Stock
You Save: 36%

mpn: 74133120, ean: 0032247413312,

4.7 out of 5 stars with 141 reviews
Suppose we told you that we had a planting mix that would expand to three times its volume when you added water so you'd only need a little to do a lot. And it would feed your plants for up to two months. AND it was made from 100% renewable resources. You'd say that was incredible, right? Well, that's what we thought too. Nature's Care Organic Incredible Expanding Planting Mix comes in a lightweight bag to make your gardening experiences a little more magical.Fantastic substitute for garden

Hubco Soil Sample Bags 10"W x 17"D (box of 100)
By Hubco
In Stock

mpn: 79208,

4.0 out of 5 stars with 66 reviews
For samples of soil, sand, oil, and more. Drawcords and weatherproof with 2'' x 3'' tag. Box of 100. Each bag is 10''W x 17''D. Poly/cotton blend cloth bags..

Phalaenopsis Monterey Dark Imperial Orchid Mix (Junior Bag (5 Quarts))
By rePotme
In Stock

ean: 0767408005500,

4.5 out of 5 stars with 140 reviews
Phalaenopsis Monterey Dark Imperial Orchid Mix by rePotme is hand made with extraordinary ingredients. Medium Orchiata Monterey Pine Bark, Hydroton, Large Sponge Rock, AAA New Zealand Sphagnum Moss. It is an excellent choice for Phalaenopsis, Moth Orchids, ''Just Add Ice Orchids'', Doritaenopsis, Doritis, and Sederia. This mix is mostly made with OrchiataTM Monterey Bark which gives it a dark appearance. The Imperial Cube is packed in its own box and sealed with a clear plastic liner. Our

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